Hello, I'm Steve, the person behind Blueygreen.

So a little about me. I live in south Wales though I'm originally from Bristol. I've been a digital designer in various disciplines since the mid 90s, involved in everything from interactive design to branding, print design to web development. I've worked in the education sector, corporate in-house departments and dedicated design studios, with clients ranging from small start-ups to large blue chip companies.

In 2002 I moved to Newport and launched Blueygreen. The original aim was to provide affordable web design to local businesses, though the company soon attracted clients from right across the UK and the boundary between local and national has now largely dissolved.

To say that web design has changed since 2002 would be an understatement. Entire new industries have sprung up, others have fallen by the wayside, and the profession has been transformed beyond all recognition. The potential of what a website can achieve - and what its users expect - has never been greater.

I work from home. It sidetracks the daily commute and the expensive sandwich, and ensures that you're paying for design and development rather than ground rent and water coolers. I strive to make myself as available and contactable as possible. My clients prefer it, and it helps me build a better understanding of your business and its needs.

My aim is nothing less than to see you succeed. That's why I work hard to create design solutions that deliver value and surpass expectations. Design is about more than just making something look nice. It's about shaping the user experience so that your goals can be achieved.

Whether you're a new business looking to make a running start or an established firm seeking a refresh, why not get in touch today - I'd love to hear from you.

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